How Ridiculously Effective Tinder Is for Meeting Women In Medellin – Guest Post


This is a guest post from an anonymous 25 year old traveller from California currently visiting Medellin. I find it fascinating how everyone’s approach to meeting the beautiful girls in Medellin differs. What’s even more interesting is how things are evolving with technology and how guys are using technology to meet more women in the city.

Here is his experience and advice on how easily to meet women in Medellin. ENJOY!!!


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It’s no secret that there are an awful lot of absolutely drop-dead gorgeous girls in Medellin. A utopian amount. Of course, for some, these girls may be a little too “plastic” or “high-maintenance,” but, in my experience, if you’re looking for a specific type of girl in Medellin, you’ll probably find her eventually. That is why Tinder, If not taken too seriously, is an excellent way to meet up with the type of girl you’re looking for.

Now, I’ve always held a certain animosity towards guys who travel the world solely for girls. Especially if they ignore all the other parts of what a country may offer. It’s disrespectful, morally questionable, quite frankly, is a sign that you’re narrow-minded and dumb. That’s a debate for later time though.

That being said–I believe that there are healthy, fun ways to go about your flirtations in Medellin. As long as you aren’t an asshole, and treat women with respect, it’s quite possible to enjoy literally every night you’re in Medellin with a beautiful girl.

One of the easiest ways to meet women in Medellin is through Tinder. Tinder is a dating app with a very simple premise–you and a girl view a picture (1 or up to 6 photos) of the other. If you both swipe “like” you can chat together and set up a potential meeting. If either of youdoesn’t like the other’s profile, you don’t get to chat.


It’s effective by the numbers and ease of use. Go through a hundred girls and you’re bound to be chatting to at least a few within a day who also have indicated their interest in you. (Obviously the numbers fluctuate).


I’m not sure why, but many people assume girls in Medellin don’t have smart-phones, or perhaps, wouldn’t be interested in Tinder. It’s just a faulty assumption. I wouldn’t be surprised if numbers were released saying that there were thousands of girls on Tinder in Medellin.


Don’t be afraid of a lack of spanish with Tinder. The girls already on Tinder are awesome because of a few basic reasons.


  1. They tend to be accepting of gringos (some, questionably so, more than others),
  2. They probably already know a little English or want to learn
  3. They’re also looking for someone else for a night or more.


Tinder is simply a mutual benefit to both parties.

However, Tinder is bullshit. You need to know this. You just cannot take it too seriously. There’s a lot of Tinder tricks out there.

Tinder is much more fake and plastic than the real world. It’s very easy to manipulate your chances of success with Tinder.

Here’s a quick and dirty list about optimizing your tinder experience:


  • If you’re really worried about going out with a, solely, spanish speaking girl (although you shouldn’t be because it’ll probably be fun anyway) then within your opening few lines in chat, ask “hablas ingles?” or “Do you speak english?”
    • You can then obviously filter out who does and does not speak your language.
  • If you’re truly looking for a plethora of girls, make yourself an attractive and safe bet.
    • This means no insane photos. You can have a little personality, but when it comes down to it, you just need to look happy and have a few clear shots of your face.
  • A good rule of thumb is that the girl will look 80 percent of what her Tinder profile looks like.
    • It’s very common to have old pictures put up on their profile and you have to discover, in person, that they’ve gained a little weight. Don’t be duped.
  • I, personally, don’t put text in my profile.
    • Why risk it? Just leave it blank or very minimal. Maybe say what country you’re from and if you’re a traveler or not
  • As soon as you get a match, start talking.
    • Putting it off is a bad sign. You need to convert the tinder date within a few days. Don’t let the girl get cold feet. Keep everything as fun and hot as possible.
  • Don’t get stuck on a single girl.
    • I know she’s completely beautiful and you’re type–there’s a strong chance that she will never talk to you. You have to go by the numbers. There will be other girls– I promise.
  • Don’t care about girls not responding to your chat.
    • The more active they are on tinder, the more of a chance you’ll have at a first date somewhere. Again, everything by the numbers.
  • If you’re fat, have a photo of it. If you aren’t, have a photo of it. (By the way, If you like thicker girls, no problem, more power to you.)
    • Just be up-front. Don’t trust you know someone else’s body type if the person has only facial pictures.

In conclusion, to me, the beauty of Tinder doesn’t lie in the fact that you can potentially meet hundreds of girls–it lies in the fact that, if you can get just one really good friend/girlfriend/experience through Tinder, the time on the app has paid for itself. Just one meaningful relationship/friendship/ or night gets the most out of the app. It let’s you play the numbers in order to find what you’re looking for. Now, swipe away friends. Enjoy Medellin to its fullest.


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