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Caye Caulker (Belize) to Flores (Guatemala) – Border Crossing & Scammers

My advice is clear and simple, don’t rush things, wait until you get to your hostel/hotel to purchase tours and transportation tickets. If you decide not to purchase tickets from your hostel, there are many tour agencies around Flores that offer competitive prices. An additional benefit of purchasing your tickets from a hostel or an agency is that unlike and individual, the hostels and agencies will still be there after you make your purchase. Take a walk, compare prices and strike a deal for a discount on the ticket prices.

Ah and one more thing – Beware of poachers like Enrique.

Have you entered Guatemala by bus? Did you pay an entrance fee? Have you ever been scammed in Guatemala? Leave a comment and tell others about it. 

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  1. Very nice & impressive article you have posted.. Wonderful post, It is really not difficult to study your blog.. I have found good information from your blog… So excellent … It’s a treasure for me to reading your blog..I will definitely share it with others.thanks

  2. Thank you for the very kind words. I am happy that you found the information helpful. I only hope that I can continue to make it better.

    • Hey Joel, It looks like you went from Caye Caulker to Flores in 5 to 6 hours. Is that correct? Are you aware of whether one can make that same time going from Flores to Caye Caulker? Thanks.

      • Will I can’t say for sure but I don’t see why not. The only think I would say

      • Will I can’t say for sure but I don’t see why not. The only think I would say is to leave a bit earlier in the say to avoid missing the last boat from the mainland to the island. Other than that, I am sure that there are a few buses you can take from Flores to the port. I wish you luck on this part of your adventure. If and when you complete it, come back, leave a comment and let’s know now it went.

  3. Hi, we were also in Flores Guatemala a week ago and we met this scumbag Enrique who duped us as well on 250 USD for the Yaxchilan tour from Flores which in reality turned out to be a Flores-Palenque charter. Judging from the date you wrote these posts seems like this con is active for a quite long time. I wonder if when you saw him he had the scarf on his chin sorta of ear-to-ear smile? If not somebody must have him nailed in between… so to say.

    Otherwise Guatemala/Flores/Tikal are great place, nice people.

    • Thanks for the update. I guess that Enrique is still on the prowl. Yes he did have a scar that made him look even more like a crook. Someone told me how he got that scar but I have forgotten now. We were duped by the same con man. I am happy you enjoyed the place. I didn’t do Tikal, instead I did El Mirador – a 5 day hike into the jungle.

  4. Thanks for the info. A group of us are going to be making the same trip from Cay Caulker to Flores next week. We’ll be on the lookout for “El Negro” around Flores. We plan on staying at Los Amigos Hostel in Flores.
    I’ll let you know how it goes for us.

    • No problem Tim – that guy is one tricky bastard. If you see him feel free to use the middle finger! Good luck my friend 🙂

  5. Just traveled to Flores with some friends and we met Enrique and his ‘free shuttle’ right when we got off the bus. After some haggling we booked with him and…everything turned out great! He gave us a good deal for a combo Tikal day trip / Flores-Semuc Champey shuttle / 1 night hostel in Semuc Champey. He also helped clear things up when my friends made a couple mistakes (long story).

    Not saying he hasn’t conned people in the past, just thought I would share my experience with him since it was pretty spotless (though he does put the pressure on a bit too much).

    • Tommy – Thanks for the comment. Well it is gerat to know that someone had a good experience with him. My experience was less than favorable and perhaps he is doing more legit business these days. Sounds like you enjoyed Flores and the area. I would love to go back some day.

  6. Hello. I also have found this info pretty invaluable as I’m planning a quick trip through Belize solely to dive the blue hole in Caye Caulker. Initially, obviously, I need to get Flores to CC. I see the post from ‘Will’ is making the opposite trip also. Heard from him? Any extra tips? They’re pretty damn awesome when travelling on a microscopic budget, and something the ‘lonely planet’ couldn’t possibly cover as it’s a specific trip. Hope it’s all still relevant 2+ years later!

  7. Thanks for posting. I also came across this little scarred overweight man and things almost went violent when I had to “remove” him from blocking the path to my bags on the shuttle roof and walk away after using the ATM’s. He booked a taxi for us (without asking) from across the bridge from Flores to Tikal for 480Q when the actual taxi price is less than 275Q. Long story short we left once we realised it was all a scam, he got angry and yelled at all of the other passengers on the shuttle for assisting us, then drove off. A few of the inter-Guatemalan shuttles from Lanquin and Antigua receive commissions from him. If you see him, leave. It’s much safer without him around, just ask the locals for help with directions.

  8. I’ve also read about incidents people had w/ him on TripAdvisor. Title to the post is “BEWARE” shuttle driver w/ scar on face.” One involved two females. They we’re BRAVE women! :))

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