Street Portrait Photography in India



Lately I have been asked by many people what type of photography I am passionate about. This question always seems to stump me since I think that I am pretty passionate about anything that I choose to photograph. With that being said the type of photos that I would take even if no one else ever saw them would be street portraits. By street portraits I mean going up to people in the streets and asking them if I could take their photos – not creeping from afar and snapping.

When I first started traveling I used a 300mm zoom lens and took photos of people when they weren’t looking. After a while I got bored of doing that and I realized that I just couldn’t capture the detail in their faces. So I changed my strategy. I decided that I would prefer for them to say “NO” than to hide and not get the shot I wanted. Since that change many people have said no but many more have said yes.

This is the first of many posters that I plan to create as I travel around the world. Facing the streets India is a collection of some of the most interesting and memorable portraits that I took on my recent trip to. I believe that the these face tell the history of the country – past, present and future. This is India.

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