This post may have nothing and everything to do specifically with my travels or adventures, though life in its very nature is a journey that should be filled with adventure.

Recently, a few of us started to change our BlackBerry Messenger status to “Live what you love”. Live What You Love: Notes from an unusual life, is actually a great book that I read about a month ago. To summarize the book in a few words – follow your gut and only do the things that you love and make you happy.

Many of us, including myself, are quite skeptical about the possibility of designing and living our lives exactly the way we picture it should be. As a matter of fact, as kids we all dreamt about what we wanted to be when we grew up or the places we wanted to see – we lived in a world filled with imagination and endless possibility. What happened to us? Why did we stop dreaming and begin to accept our current reality like there is no way of changing it? Is that what ‘growing up’ is all about? If so, I never want to grow up. The Peter Pan story now makes more sense to me than it did when I was 10 years old.

So, back to the Black Berry status message, Live what you love! I think that if we were all to encourage each other to dream again or should I say, act on our dreams, all of our lives can change for the better together. Dreaming and happiness could go viral. What do you think? The Black Berry status is just a small way of giving our friends a bit of inspiration to get out there and live what they love – whether it be loving their family, spouse, friends, traveling, surfing, knitting, event planning, singing, illustration or real estate. Start doing it today and encourage the dreamers to dream. I would like my life to be filled with travel, adventure, fishing, family, friends and happiness – What do you want and how badly do you want it?

In the past 3 days my friends John K, Kevin, Edgar, Denise D, Denise N, Sherilyn, Navi, Faisal, Rouba, Kerry, Reggie, Wynne, Julie D, and Wayne have all changed their status’ to “Live what you love”. In my little world, that’s what I call viral happiness – one step at a time. You have the power to do whatever you want to do and anything is possible.

Live what you love: Joel