Whether you’re traveling overseas or just beyond your backyard, you never know when you’ll stumble into a photo-worthy moment. Unfortunately for some, being prepared for that moment often means lugging heavy, expensive cameras and equipment with them at all times. With a new line of smart phone accessories on the market, like the iPhone 5 Hookupz Monocular, this is no longer the case for the savvy traveler. Here are five ways to turn your iPhone into the ultimate travel companion without sacrificing any luggage space.

iPhone Hookupz Monocular

Equal parts camera lens and video recorder, the 7 x 18 monocular attaches to your iPhone in a snap and turns it into a high-tech image and video capturing machine. Its long distance shooting ability makes the Hookupz Monocular great for not just travel, but also sold-out concerts and athletic events. While it is excellent at capturing pictures and video from afar, it also has a remarkable close-up zoom focus. It can also be used alone as monocular and comes with an adaptor for your phone. At dimensions of just 3 ¼” x 5 ¼” x 2 ¾” and results that are just as professional, it’s no wonder many travels prefer this small attachment to a bulky, expensive camera.

iPhone 5 Olloclip

If you love the custom effects that a professional camera produces but don’t want to lug around the real deal, the pocket-sized Olloclip for the iPhone may be the only thing you need. While it is not as ideal for distance as the Hookupz Monocular, the Olloclip makes up the difference in its stunning photo effects. Fasten the Olloclip over your phone’s camera lens and turn a basic photo of scenery into a beautiful panorama shot with double the field of view. Use it when shooting close-up pictures of flora and fauna for a precise, extreme zoom up to ten times the magnification. Change it to the fish-eye setting to capture unique, dramatic moments from your adventure in 180°. The Olloclip is just 1 ½” x 1 ½” so it takes up hardly any space in your luggage and comes with a microfiber pouch for safekeeping.

iPhone 5 Horn

Once you’ve recorded a beautiful video with the iPhone 5 Hookupz Monocular, you’ll want to be able to hear it! Use the iPhone 5 Horn for a crisp playback. This clever, miniature bugle fastens on over your phone’s speaker for an instant addition of 13 decibels without wasting any electricity or battery power. At just three ounces and dimensions of 2” x 4 ¼” x 2”, this little horn travels much easier than a full-blown professional camera or video-recorder. Silicone engineering makes it almost impossible to damage. It’s also ideal for taking calls in noisy environments, and can boost the volume of music or movies enough to entertain a small crowd.

Juice Pack Plus

 With all of the movies, pictures, and music you’ll be enjoying on your phone, don’t forget to bring an extra battery pack. The Juice Pack Plus contains a rechargeable battery that gives you 129% more power when and if you need it. This handy accessory gives you eight more hours of talking time, seven extra hours on the Internet, or up to 44 hours of audio and 11 hours of video playback.