Looking for a place to party in Medellin on Thursday? Here are a few good options

“Hey, hey, hey,” – The sounds of the popular track Hey Soul Sister by Trainoozes from the walls of Tres Cordilleras, a local microbrewery in the popular BarrioColombia neighbourhood of Medellín. It’s the last Thursday of the month and a lineup is growing outside the unassuming clay-brick warehouse. Inside alive band is playing covers of popular party tracks while people sing alongat the top of their voices. The beers are flowing, the vibe is live, and people are having fun – this is the place to be on a Thursday evening.

Every Thursday night from 5:30pm – 9:00pm Tres Cordilleras offers a tour of the factory followed by a lively party in the bar right above the brewery. It ‘s my 5th time at the brewery and I still haven’t actually done the tour. I always seem to get there around 6:30 pm and head straight upstairs to join the party people. So much for the third time being the charm! One day I will see how the fine beverage is made, but today isn’t that day.

For an entrance fee of 20,000 pesos ($10 USD) you receive anempty glass with a string of 5 drink tickets.You can use the tickets to redeem five glassesof any of the five very distinctive beers brewed at the facility – my personal favourite is the smooth Blanca.

Tres Cordilleras claims that their clientele is a small niche of open-minded people who love beer and are willing to develop their knowledge of and taste for beer. Seriously? I’M SOLD – say no more!

Hanging out at 3 Cordilleras Bar in Medellin

Hanging at 3 Cordilleras – Photo credit Jo Le from www.josephle.com

The party usually starts out more like a relaxed after-work hangoutwhere groups of friends gather around tables while chatting and listening tomusic. Before long, the vibe changes as attendees work their way through the 5free beers. The music is always pumping and you can expect to hear a mix as diverse as the beers are. Everything fromsmooth salsa beats to popular tracks by Sean Paul, Pit Bull, and yep Train!

If you are fortunate enough to be in Medellinon the last Thursday of any month, a live band plays popular songs and the bar gets even more packed than usual. Tickets aren’t sold in advance, you just need to show up.

For single guys visiting Medellín, Tres Cordilleras is a great place to meet new ‘people’. Actually, its a good place to meet new beautiful people. The music is loud but not loud enough like at nightclubs where you have to struggle to hear the other person speak. Many girls love the opportunity to practice their english, so even if the only word you know is ‘cerveza’ , you still have some good chances at Tres.

3 Cordilleras Bar in Medellin Colombia

Mingling at the 3 Cordilleras Brewery – Photo credit Jessi Galbraith

Although the music keeps going until 9:00pm, the last callfor beers is at 8:30 pm, so be sure to pace yourself so you canfinish all 5 glasses. At the end of the night you can return your glass for a 5000 peso refund or just keep it as a souvenir of the evening’s festivities. On some nights, there is a FREE Chiva (party bus) thatshuttles partiers to another bar where the action keeps going. Be sure to ask one of the staff if there is a chiva whenever you visit Tres Cordilleras.

Here’s the address: Calle 30 No. 44-176 | Medellín, Colombia

Where to next?

If there is no Chiva and after party, fear not – just take a short cab ride to the Tiger Paw Hostel in Poblado. There is a 2-for-1 drink special on all drinks at the hostel’s bar from 9pm to 10pm (every night of the week). Be sure to try the popular Tiger Bomb shot, a Jagermeister infused drink created by the hostel’s employee Violeta. Read more about Tiger Paw Hostel.

Head to head with a Chiva in Medellin


Jessi pours a round of Tiger Paw shots

Alternately, Babylon Night Club in Poblado is another sure bet. Thursday is the most popular night at this dance club. There is a 12,000 peso cover charge for ladies and a 30,000 charge for guys for all-you-can-drink before 1pm. Now don’t go expecting a top-self liquor selection. Your choice will be pretty much limited to the popular anise-flavoured aguardiente, rum, vodka and domestic beers. When I asked for a rum and coke, I was told that coke wasn’t included in the all-you-can-drink and would cost 3000 pesos extra – I settled for vodka and orange juice, the free stuff.

Although the doors open at 9:30 pm, the party doesn’t really get going until about midnight, so don’t be discouraged by the empty dance floor if you show up on gringo time – early, that is! The music is very latino with reggaeton, Salsa, and bachata dominating the sound waves. Do you know someone else to party on a Thursday in Medellín? Have you been to 3 Cordilleras, Tiger Paw or Babylon on a Thursday? If so, leave a comment below!

Live what you love – Joel