One of the things I love about Medellin’s nightlife is the live music performances right in the city streets. If you’ve been to México then you’re probably familiar with the sharply dressed mariachi bands who perform songs for a fee. Well here in Medellin there is something quite similar, it’s called Vallenato. Vallenato is a popular folk genre that originated on Colombia’s Caribbean coast but it can be heard all across the country. Vallenato was actually added as a category in the Latin Grammy Awards in 2006.

Most times the Vallenato musicians come out at sundown and they pass by restaurants or popular hangout areas like town squares and parks looking for romantic couples and groups of friends or family to entertain. Here is a video I made a few nights ago outside the Chupitos Bar in Medellin.

If you are traveling to Medellin and you want to have some fun, check out MedellinNightlifenet a site dedicated to the nightlife scene in Medellin.