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Faces of Central America & Mexico – Portraits of a People

Breathtaking landscapes, charming colonial towns, lush tropical forests, colourful buildings, and tasty cuisine – you can find them all in Central America. However, the most memorable part of my travels through the little continent has to be the people I’ve met along the way. Behind each face is a captivating story and each story provides a deeper connection with and understanding of each country and its people. The beauty of travel is that some of the most authentic experiences are to be had when interacting with regular people in streets, cafes, markets or on a nearby road corner. Here is an album of some of the beautiful faces that have made this continent authentically unforgettable – Click here to see the entire album.

Here is a preview of the album – See the other photos.

Here is a great post from Outpost Magazine about taking better portrait shots while traveling.


  1. I love these photos. I've really got to start trying to take portraits. I'm always too shy to ask. Even for someone like myself that has never met any of these people, the fact that they are real people that have their own stories is enough to make the mind wander. People are art, and you've captured it wonderfully

  2. Mike thanks for the comment. I can't count the number of times when I wished I had gotten over my shyness and just asked to take the photo. The thing is that the more you shoot, the more frustrated you get with shooting from afar. I am getting better at asking, but I still have a far way to go.

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