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Real de Catorce – A Little Mountain Town With REAL BIG Charm

Check your emails, Facebook & Twitter for FREE on your laptop or smart phone – the entire town of Real de Catorce is an open Wifi network.

Eat at Cafe Azul – This Swiss-owned family ran cafe offers great coffee and the best ham & cheese sandwich I have ever eaten [25 pesos – $2.50 USD]

Take a sweater or jacket – Days are warm but at night the temperature drops considerably

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  2. Nice post… though I'm interested in hearing more about this Peyote cactus effect.. lol..

  3. Thanks Jamaal – I have to tell you that although I was tempted (very) to try to Peyote, I wasn't in the right place mentally or spiritually to go on the trip. Perhaps another time in the future.

  4. great post…I admire the valuable information you offered in your article Keep inspiring your readers.i will go in this place. thanks.

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